NI Summer Tour – Round One Results

Ski # Points
Exp/Elite Ski 850 Stock
1st Levi Sherwin 711 60
2nd Simon Yule 19 53
3rd Ben Ven der Sande 16 48
Exp/Elite Ski 850 Open
1st Richard Webb 311 60
2nd Tayne Lemon 3 53
3rd Simon Yule 19 48
Novice Runabout Stock
1st Gavin Tombs 11 60
2nd Tony Shannon 454 53
Exp/Elite Runabout Stock
1st Nathan Maclure 666 60
Exp/Elite Runabout Open
1st Nathan Maclure 666 60
2nd Craig Boyd 45 53
3rd Daniel Forsyth 64 48
Naturally Aspirated Runabout Mod (inc Sport Mod)
1st Chris McAllister 61 60
2nd Mark Holt 945 53
3rd Darryl French 300 48
4th John Wright 64 43
5th Andrew Green 68 39
6th Eddie Moarland 164 36
7th Jack Burton 89 33
8th Johno Riley 99 30
Veterans Runabout Open
1st Cameron Miller 232 60
2nd John Wright 46 53
3rd Russel Westbrooke 327 48
4th Carl Lampe Snr 11 43
5th Jeffrey Hindle 45 39

NI Summer Tour – Round One – Lake Waahi, Huntly

17th November, 2012
Hosted by the AJSA

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached an info flyer and the entry form for the first round of the NI Summer Tour this weekend at Lake Waahi, Huntly. Please make sure that you are all on time and note the programme for the day in the flyer. PLEASE READ THE FLYER HERE.


Due to the low numbers that competed last year in Watercross, this class is now offered on an event-by-event basis. The AJSA will run this class only if it receives the required number of paid entries prior to the event – which is 6. It must also be noted that, if confirmed, the AJSA will run the Watercross as a single 30min race (essentially the max distance before refuelling) over the lunch period.

Thus, all riders considering entering watercross MUST have their completed entry form and payment sent to the AJSA PO Box by Monday 12th November. Failure to do so will mean the cancellation of this class. Sufficient notice must be given to the few that do make an effort to enter. Notification of whether the watercross class will run will be made on Tuesday 13th November.

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at


1213 NI Summer Tour Entry Form
NZJSBA Indemnity Form