NZ Festival of Freeride – Event Announcement

Hi Everyone,

It’s happening. After many requests and ideas floated, NZ’s first freeride event is finally getting off the ground. The Auckland Jet Sport Association (AJSA) is proud to announce the inaugural New Zealand Festival of Freeride. We appreciate the opportunity to first announce this on the home of the freeride scene in NZ – DalusionFWX.

This “Rip’n Ride” style event will be held in April this year at Sunset Beach, Port Waikato. Specifically, Friday April 19th and Saturday April 20th (with Sunday April 21st as backup day), and is aimed at bringing the freeride community together from around New Zealand for an action packed, and enjoyable, couple of days. Whilst still in the early stages, and the council applications are pending approval (something we don’t envisage any issue with), we invite you all to get this into your dairies early so you don’t miss a fantastic opportunity.

The format of the event is very simple. All riders entered are split into groups, or “sessions”, of smaller numbers. Throughout the day each group of riders is allocated a session time in the schedule for the day. The first group is sent out for their allocated time slot and, when signalled to finish, the following group goes out and so on and so forth. The schedule will repeat throughout the day giving each competitor sufficient riding time to express themselves in the freeride sense. Its a festival atmosphere with everyone enjoying each others riding.

Friday is aimed at being more of a warm up will feature continuos freeride sessions. During Saturdays schedule there will be specific breaks in the freeride sessions to hold the feature sections of the event. These feature classes are an elective option for competitors to enter and have specific requirements. Examples include “Biggest Air” – somewhat self-explanatory, “Sickest Trick” – best and most complicated trick, and the “Cherry-Popper” – first attempt at a back flip.

There is plenty more information to come on this and over the next few months we will release it as soon as it becomes available. Entry, when open, will be available to anyone and everyone. We encourage anyone participating, or interested, in freeride to come along and enjoy riding with others of all experience levels.

We hope this is something that you all will be interested in and keen to get behind. We can’t wait.


NI Summer Tour – Round One Results

Ski # Points
Exp/Elite Ski 850 Stock
1st Levi Sherwin 711 60
2nd Simon Yule 19 53
3rd Ben Ven der Sande 16 48
Exp/Elite Ski 850 Open
1st Richard Webb 311 60
2nd Tayne Lemon 3 53
3rd Simon Yule 19 48
Novice Runabout Stock
1st Gavin Tombs 11 60
2nd Tony Shannon 454 53
Exp/Elite Runabout Stock
1st Nathan Maclure 666 60
Exp/Elite Runabout Open
1st Nathan Maclure 666 60
2nd Craig Boyd 45 53
3rd Daniel Forsyth 64 48
Naturally Aspirated Runabout Mod (inc Sport Mod)
1st Chris McAllister 61 60
2nd Mark Holt 945 53
3rd Darryl French 300 48
4th John Wright 64 43
5th Andrew Green 68 39
6th Eddie Moarland 164 36
7th Jack Burton 89 33
8th Johno Riley 99 30
Veterans Runabout Open
1st Cameron Miller 232 60
2nd John Wright 46 53
3rd Russel Westbrooke 327 48
4th Carl Lampe Snr 11 43
5th Jeffrey Hindle 45 39

NI Summer Tour – Round One – Lake Waahi, Huntly

17th November, 2012
Hosted by the AJSA

Hi Everyone,

Please find attached an info flyer and the entry form for the first round of the NI Summer Tour this weekend at Lake Waahi, Huntly. Please make sure that you are all on time and note the programme for the day in the flyer. PLEASE READ THE FLYER HERE.


Due to the low numbers that competed last year in Watercross, this class is now offered on an event-by-event basis. The AJSA will run this class only if it receives the required number of paid entries prior to the event – which is 6. It must also be noted that, if confirmed, the AJSA will run the Watercross as a single 30min race (essentially the max distance before refuelling) over the lunch period.

Thus, all riders considering entering watercross MUST have their completed entry form and payment sent to the AJSA PO Box by Monday 12th November. Failure to do so will mean the cancellation of this class. Sufficient notice must be given to the few that do make an effort to enter. Notification of whether the watercross class will run will be made on Tuesday 13th November.

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at


1213 NI Summer Tour Entry Form
NZJSBA Indemnity Form 

AJSA Club Day – Lake Waahi, Huntly – 11th November 2012

AJSA Club Day
Sunday 11th November 2012
Lake Waahi, Huntly
9am – 4pm

The second of our club events (post the cancellation of the Orewa round) will be held at Lake Waahi, Huntly. In the same location – at the reserve down at the end of “Weavers Crossing Road” out the back of Huntly – check it out on Google Maps. We’re hoping to make the most of the day there so if you can please be there at 9am to complete registration and any scrutineering so we can get started as soon as possible.

Details and programme for the event are as follows:

                       9:00 am – 9:45 am
Riders Briefing           10:00 am
Racing Starts             10:30 am

Entry Fees:

• AJSA Member – $20
• Non-Member – $40
• NZJSBA Day License (if required) – $15 (Note: 1st Day License is free)
• AJSA Club Membership – $60 Individual, $90 Family

Please heed the direction of any marshals or AJSA committee member on the day.

There won’t be any food available on site during the event however we will be having a sausage sizzle at some point (either at lunch or at the conclusion of the event) which will be a gold coin donation.

If you have any further questions about the day please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thanks and look forward to seeing you there.


AJSA Club Day – Orewa, Beach – 13th October

AJSA Club Day
Saturday 13th October 2012
Orewa Beach, Orewa
9am – 4pm

A low key event in which we will have some easy going closed course racing and also some fun events.

The event will be hosted just south of the surf club in Orewa. Please come into the surf club car park and you will be directed from there. You will be able to take your trailer down onto the beach with your vehicle. However you must bring your vehicle back up to the car park afterwards. This is a stipulation of the Auckland Council – No Vehicles to remain on the beach.

Low tide is 11:50am so we will be able to begin the event easily and progressively move the front stretch of the track. High tide is 6:15pm so it gives us plenty of time to be off the beach before then. If you can please be there at 9:30am or just after to complete registration and any scrutineering so we can get down to the beach and started straight away.

Details and programme for the event are as follows:

Sign-in 9:45 am – 10:15 am (in the surf club car park)
Riders Briefing 10:30 am
Racing Starts 11:00 am

Entry Fees:

• AJSA Member – $20
• Non-Member – $40
• NZJSBA Day License (if required) – $15 (Note: 1st Day License is free)
• AJSA Club Membership – $60 Individual, $90 Family (Will cover thru till 31st October 2012)
• NZJSBA License – Available from Fraser Mclean who will be on-site.

Please note: The Auckland Council have allowed everyone to take their trailers onto the beach but all vehicles must return to the car park. NO VEHICLES TO BE PARKED ON THE BEACH. Please heed the direction of any marshals or AJSA committee member on the day.

There is plenty of food available from the shops along the Orewa boulevard. Also, we will be having a sausage sizzle at lunch which will be a gold coin donation.

If you have any further questions about the day please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thanks and look forward to seeing you there.

Richard Webb
AJSA President